Saturday, July 18, 2009

Acceptable Casualties.


A loud roar struck over the battle field, somehow managing to over come the constand din of artillery, and heavy bolter fire. The landscape was in ruins. Nothing but wasteland was left. Trenches dotted the landscape. The sky was full of dust.But the Death Korp didn't care. Chaos could not, and would not, have a world, even one as desolate as this. And so, the Death Korp fought.

Left and right, men were cut down by machine gun fire. Not one was caught running. Within 5 minutes, a full company had been lost. It was worth the scant ground gained. Within another 10, a platoon was caught in the barbed wire. They died without a sound, as the manned guns blasted them apart.

Another 3 minutes.

Tanks rolled over the Barbed wire, unknowingly crushing the remains of the platoon. Cannons fired, blowing traitors apart. They were the lucky ones. The unlucky ones lived.

With a resounding cry, the Death Korp surged forwards, following their tanks. The men on the front died from the desperate defensive fire, but more kept coming. The dead were simply rushed over. The tide couldn't be stopped.

1 minute.

The Emperor's Vengeance had arrived. Surging through the trenches, the Death Korp struck. Flamers purified the forsaken souls of the rebels. Bayonets stabbed and lunged, cutting into men from both sides. Bodies clogged trenches. Flamers roared. Men screamed, fought, and died.

The advance force of the Death Korp stumbled across a force of Rebels, forcing the Rebels to surrender. When they moved on, each rebel lay dead, one bayonet wound put cleanly through the head.

A group of Death Korp Tanks were caught in an ambush. The crews died, literally cooked alive as flamers continued hosing the tanks.

Death Korp and Rebel met each other in open ground. Both were annihalated, as bombers over head strafed the battle, heedless of friendly fire.

As the Death Korp met the last line, they came across what could be a war ending obstacle.

A set of fences on the the sides of a road.

It was a massacre. Volley after volley fired into the Death Korp's ranks, slaying men left and right. Alone trooper managed to cross the second fence, and tried to lead a charge against the line. He was shot dead before he could take three steps.

Yet despite over 50% casualties, the Korp reformed, and charged.

"For the Emperor! Not one! Step! Back!!!"

With a resounding roar, they surged forwards. Despite the hail of fire raining down on them, not one took a single step back. They crashed into the Rebel line. The Death Korp tore it apart. Tanks crushed the bodies of those unable to run away fast enough. Bayonet and lasgun tore through the trenches.

The Rebels panicked...and ran.

They were cut down as they run, the Korp was merciless. Those who fought, died. Those who surrendered, died. Those who ran, died.

Over the course of the day, 500 klicks were gained.

Over 500,000 were lost.

High Command had called it:

Acceptable Casualties.

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