Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leigon of the Damned

Captain Sakiras grimly determined the situation was hopeless. Only minutes before, he had lead two squads into what was thought would be the easiest raid in the history of the Ghost Wolves. He thought wrong. When they had arrived, they had been ambushed by at least two full companies of traitor guard, along with at least 4 squads of traitor marines. Taking heavy fire, they had pulled back into this ruin of an outpost. Three brothers were wounded. Two were dead. Outside, the traitors continued their relentless fire, while the loyalists returned it in much smaller amounts. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw several cultists setting up a heavy bolter. He pivoted and fired two shots. Two cultists went down, their upper bodies blown apart. As he kept up the fire with the rest of his company, two more marines went down, and only one got back up.

"Captain, we can't stay here!"

He knew Sergeant Akar was right.

“Ghost Wolves! On my signal, open f-"

Something stopped him cold. Instincts working, he turned around and aimed his bolter, thinking a traitor had gotten through 2nd squad. The marine made no gesture of recognition, and walked on past. Its armor was pure black, with spots of fire and skulls dotting various parts of it. As the marine stepped outside the protection of the ruins, Sakiras knew he was going to blown apart. Indeed, a massive volley of fire hit the marine. The marine kept going. Out of the darkness, Sakiras identified new marines, each like the first, but slightly different. He watched as they raised their bolters, and opened fire.

It was a massacre. Within 6 minutes, all of the traitor guard was annihilated. Not one of the mysterious marines fell. Sakiras had led his men out of the ruins, and had helped support the marine's advance. Now, he watched the four squads of chaos marines descend onto the new reinforcements. As one slashed at a marine's arms, another fired a bolter a point-blank. A third let unholy flames wash over another. The first marine responded with a punch in the face, toppling the traitor, while the traitor's chainsword glanced off. The second marine didn't take notice at all, and neither did his armor. Instead, he just turned, aimed, and fired, then proceeded to advance. The third marine unleashed the same contemptuous fate on his assailant. It took another two minutes for them to wipe out the traitors completely. He turned to the black armored marine next to him.

"Thank you brother, we appre-"

The marine was gone. So were his fellows. At least 100 marines had appeared and vanished into thin air. He heard his Thunder Hawk pilot vox in.

"-ond. Repeat. Captain, please respond."

"This is Captain Sakiras."

"Captain, thank the Emperor, are you and your men okay?"

Captain Sakiras looked around at his men, who were just as confused as he was. This raid had left quite a bit of unanswered questions. He got the feeling he would never find the marines who had saved him, nor would he be able to repay the favor.

"Yes, we're alright," Sakiras replied. He would have to think about this later...For now, he had a mission.

"Proceed with the raid."